The Association New Dane (Foreningen Nydansker) is a Danish association aiming at making the integration of migrants and diversity a resource for the Danish business community. For more than 20 years the AND has gathered best practices in regard to the harmonious integration of migrants in the workplace. They have solved many different challenges in this area, working as sparring partners and management advisors for ministries and municipalities. Additionally, they work directly with companies to develop and test innovative migrant integration solutions that are beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

The AND’s work ranges from granting advice and consultations via project development and implementation, to the evaluation and examination of outcomes and results. If needed, they provide trainings and workshops for staff and volunteers to prepare them for new tasks, such as e.g. mentoring positions.

The AND works all over Denmark but their headquarters are in Copenhagen. They have worked with and hold good contacts to companies of different sizes from SMEs to big corporations as well as with other NGOs, e.g. Arla, Ørsted, Vestas, Novo Nordisk, Nordea, Microsoft and IBM, but also the Danish Red Cross and the Danish Council for Ethnic Minorities, and different municipalities, such as e.g. Aarhus Kommune, Odense Kommune and many others. They have been supported by more than 250 companies, and currently more than 100 Danish companies, both public and private, are active members of the association.