ITG is a profit limited company, which aim is to contribute to the local socio-economic development working, at a national and international level, in research and training and providing technical assistance for public Institutions, private organizations and the private social sector. ITG is the No. 1 group of freelance in France and has a turnover of 100 M€.

Existing today throughout the French territory with more than 4000 consultants, the Group ITG since 1996 acknowledged expert in all areas of consulting, study and training. It has developed, for its consultants ITG tailor-made services such as expertise and experience in the field of training, lifelong learning and management within France, Europe and at international level.

The Company develops its activities to plan, conceive and implement research activities in the field of:

  • Territorial and economic planning
  • Psycho-sociological analysis of social and organizational phenomena
  • User needs analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical assistance aimed at supporting local, national and international Institutions in planning, management
  • Monitoring
  • Financial reporting and evaluation
  • Innovative actions aimed at the improvement of competences of individuals through initial training, continuous training, in-service training of teachers and trainers, training of guidance and counseling operators, adults training, entrepreneurial training, distance learning, highlighting the value of formal and informal learning

ITG has its own training center dedicated to its workers and has set out a Foundation in 2013.